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Kunzer Marktweg 13
01468 Moritzburg
Tel: 0351 641 5500 Fax: 0351 641 5510


The Aero Academy offers education and advanced training opportunities for staff and managers in the aviation and aerospace industry. We are aware that our seminars and courses cannot meet the ever-changing requirements of flight without making use of the latest methodologies currently implemented in the field. Our program is meant for qualityoriented managers and specialists. Requirements vary based on company structure and area of responsibility. One group may need to focus on entrepreneurial aspects while another may be more concerned with quality, environmental or safety management.

For the auditors, the training focuses on the assessment and evaluation of businesses that are subject to special forms of regulation. In order to meet all these different education requirements with advanced training and exchange of experience, we offer a wide range of seminars including: Internal Air Travel Auditor, QM-Systems in Aviation, EU Acts, Basics for Managing Personnel and Project Management/Managerial Methods. Clients may request courses and seminars to be held at their location.


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