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Schubertstraße 39
01307 Dresden


Tel: +49-351-219 674 95 Fax: +49-351-219 674 93 www.3dit.de

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Henry Wojcik
Schubertstraße 39
01307 Dresden
Tel: 0351 470 8426
Ingolf Seifert
Schubertstraße 39
01307 Dresden
Tel: 0351 470 8426


3D animation and 3D video - We offer graphical solutions for technical challenging products in need of explanation. Enthuse your commercial partners and clients with 3d animations. We build 3d modells of your product, animate it and therewith show how it works. There is no better way of illustrating complex technologies and getting them across.

3D interaction - We build virtual 3d modells of your products and embed them into your web presence. Visitors of your website can therewith rotate and scale the model as well as examining the exploded view and set it in motion. For example you have the ability to show a unit on your website which your clients can switch on online and see how it works. Different kinds of those interaction solutions can be adopted for offline environments, too - e.g. for sales conversations.

Web design, web programming and support - We design and program your website. We offer ongoing support and ensure that your web presence is a looker on smartphones and graphic tablets, too. We assist you embedding the latest 3d technologie into your internet presence.


Entwicklung und Programmierung von Internetpräsentationen
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Erbringung von Beratungsleistungen auf dem Gebiet der Informationstechnologie

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