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Business Village Chemnitz, Beckerstraße 13
09120 Chemnitz


Tel: 015115660807

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Anton Schumann
Business Village Chemnitz, Beckerstraße 13
09120 Chemnitz
Tel: 015115660807
Eugenia Selkind
Business Village Chemnitz, Beckerstraße 13
09120 Chemnitz
Tel: +49 176 844 55 741


Gherzi is an independent, global firm of consultants, technical specialists, engineers, architects and planners working across all areas of industrial and infrastructure projects.
Our services range from engineering of new factories to strategy consulting as well as corporate finance: an integrated and complete service package in strategic, marketing, operational, technological and engineering aspects.
Gherzi offers practical and efficient solutions for all tasks in the textile industry, especially research, product development, supply chain expansion and enabling designed to meet the individual requirements of our clients worldwide.

Gherzi Germany brings excellence and experience through strategic thought, development, expansion, marketing, and technical know-how that falls within the textile, garment and machinery industries.
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Saxon technology areas

Maschinenbau - technische Textilien, Bekleidungs- und Ledertechnik
Maschinenbau - Textilmaschinen
Textil - alle
Textil - Anwendung Bau
Textil - Anwendung Industrietextil
Textil - Anwendung Life Science
Textil - Anwendung Material und Faser
Textil - Anwendung Mobilität
Textil - Anwendung Modetextil
Textil - Maschinen und Ausrüstung
Textil - Service & Beratung
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