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Since 16 years the LASERVORM GmbH has been an active laser equipment manufacturer and Job Order Producer at the market.
Main fields of expertise are the laser surface treatment in the processing laser hardning and laser deposition welding. The laser depositionwelding (also known as Lasercladding, laser coating, laser laying or Direct Metal deposition procedure) was practiced in the company LASERVORM, when it was still a relatively unknown procedure. Meanwhile the enterprise has an experience of many years in this area.

By constant advancement of the procedure and extension the available of machinery now a broad spectrum from possibilities for the laser deposition welding is in the own house available. Hereunder applies micro to macro both regarding the parts which can be worked on and for the quantity of material added to the process.

With the own machinery a faster separating of material is possible for powder deposition welding. These plants offer pulsed solid lasers with 100 W for finer tasks of separating. The higher performance laser machines are equipped with Nd: YAG or diode lasers up to some kilowatts, in addition fiber lasers to 3 kW are used.

You will get competent information on the possibilities of Laser Processing and we will assist you by selecting the optimum process for your task. You are intersted in a Laser Device ? - We are to your disposal for selecting and adapting the right one for you. Our special experiences are in the fields of Laser - Welding and Laser- Surface Treatment ( hardening, remelting, cladding ). From single pieces up to batch production we are manufacturing parts for you with latest Laser Technology and additional devices.


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