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Fritz-Schreiter-Straße 32
01259 Dresden


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Dr. Alexander Bromme
Fritz-Schreiter-Straße 32
01259 Dresden
Tel: 0351 8858 50 Fax: 0351 8858 525


Precision and Innovation - FMD - Feinmess Dresden GmbH as reputed system supplier of high-precision drive solutions has further developed its product range of linear- and rotational stages to meet the broad requirements of research, science and industry.

The standard assortment has been extended especially with regard to high- precision systems. Very compact XY-cross stages and XY-open frame stages with longer travels for measuring and scanning applications complete our range. Furthermore, the choice of positioning systems for special applications, e.g. for the usage in high magnetic fields or in ultra-high vacuum has been improved.

In the segment "customized solutions" we have created ideal conditions for the assembly of special components and complex mechatronic systems. A clean room for testing and final assembly highlights the manufacturing facilities. Dedicated to precision, FMD - Feinmess Dresden is today member of the August Steinmeyer group. Further partners are the semiconductor- and optical industry, the bio- technology, the aircraft industry, research institutes and manufacturers of measuring instruments in more than 20 countries world-wide. The FMD - Feinmess Dresden GmbH is increasingly active as a supplier for comprehensive customized solutions starting with the engineering and ending with the manufacture.

Core Competence: Equipment Manufacturer

Specializations: Automation, Positioning Technology

Business Fields: Automotive Industry, Semiconductor Industry, Equipment, Electronics, Medical Technology, Aerospace


Herstellung von sonstigen Werkzeugen
Herstellung von nicht elektrischen Mess-, Kontroll-, Navigations- u. ä. Instrumenten und Vorrichtungen
Herstellung von optischen und fotografischen Instrumenten und Geräten

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