ABS Schkeuditz GmbH


Edisonstraße 12
04435 Schkeuditz


Tel: +49 34204 732 0 Fax: +49 34204 73236 www.abs-schkeuditz.com

Contact person

Frank Linsenbarth
Edisonstraße 12
04435 Schkeuditz


Special production facility for industrial business – from one source

We develop, design and fabricate devices, fixtures, tools, special equipment and special production facilities for industrial business – also from your own construction drawings.

The individuality of products and flexibility in production are the most important strengths of ABS Schkeuditz GmbH. We achieve this goal with our know-how of completely internal planning, development and production as well as years of experience in engineering and metal manufacturing of our high qualified personal.

Our customers world wide rely on this knowledge. Following businesses have been supplied with our products and services for more than ten years:

- Car industry and car supplying industry (BMW, Daimler, Porsche, KOMATSU-HANOMAG, MTU)
- Space and aircraft industry
- Polygraphy, printing machine construction
- Wagon construction
- Foundry industry
- Photovoltaic industry

Operating materials, special equipment, fixtures, load handling attachments, clamping devices, toolmaking


Herstellung von Werkzeugen
Herstellung von auswechselbaren Werkzeugen für die Metallbearbeitung a. n. g.
Herstellung von sonstigen nicht wirtschaftszweigspezifischen Maschinen
Herstellung von Werkzeugmaschinen für die Metallbearbeitung

Saxon technology areas

Automobilindustrie - alle
Automobilindustrie - Organisationen, Verbände, Öffentliche Institutionen
Automobilindustrie - Zulieferindustrie - industrienahe Dienstleistungen
Automobilindustrie - Zulieferindustrie - Werkzeuge, Maschinen, Anlagen, Vorprodukte
Energie - Photovoltaik - alle
Energie - Photovoltaik - Hersteller, Zulieferer, Dienstleister
Energie - Solarthermie - alle
Energie - Solarthermie - Hersteller, Zulieferer, Dienstleister
Luft- und Raumfahrt - alle
Luft- und Raumfahrt - Fertigung und Engineering
Maschinenbau - alle
Maschinenbau - Automation
Maschinenbau - Präzisionswerkzeuge- und Formenbau
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