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Gewerbering 1
08468 Heinsdorfergrund


Tel: 03765 39390 Fax: +49 3765 3939101 www.chmueller.com

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Thomas Porst
Gewerbering 1
08468 Heinsdorfergrund


C. H. Müller mainly produces products for customers in the shoe and clothing industry. In recent years, however, products in the field of laminations and coatings for automotive interiors, medical and hygiene products and textile-based lightweight composite materials have also been added.

Lamination and coating of textiles, expanded plastics, film, imitation leather and genuine leather as well as blanking and punching of such materials for interiors of motor vehicles
Major customers, markets and industries: Manufacturers of textiles for car industry, system suppliers


Veredlung von Textilien und Bekleidung
Herstellung von konfektionierten Textilwaren (ohne Bekleidung)

Saxon technology areas

Automobilindustrie - alle
Automobilindustrie - Organisationen, Verbände, Öffentliche Institutionen
Automobilindustrie - Zulieferindustrie - Fahrzeugteile
Automobilindustrie - Zulieferindustrie - Werkzeuge, Maschinen, Anlagen, Vorprodukte
Maschinenbau - technische Textilien, Bekleidungs- und Ledertechnik
Medizintechnik - alle
Textil - alle
Textil - Anwendung Industrietextil
Textil - Anwendung Mobilität
Textil - Anwendung Schutz
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