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Mario Dürfeld
Bergener Ring 43
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Located at the High-Tech Centre north of Dresden, ADZ NAGANO comprises a team of highly experienced staff. Our engineers have exceptional combinations of complementary backgrounds in the process control, HVAC automation and automobile industries.High quality and the latest technology are incorporated in ADZ-Senso products. These rugged pressure transducers range from application specific sensors to standard models for instrumentation and control industries. ADZ NAGANO has provided solutions to many demanding problems. As an innovative company we offer our service to the industries in the fields of pneumatics, hydraulics, process control, compressed air systems, HVAC water processing, as well as automotive and other mobile applications, e.g oil pressure, mobile cranes, brake systems, combustion chambers, and other high-temperature applications.In addition to our OEM-Sensors and the standard pressure transducers ADZ-SML, weoffer customer-specific application designs for particular needs. ADZ NAGANO also supplies pressure switches. This flexibility is illustrated by our modular construction andlatest technology in signal-conditioning and proprietary software.

Because of the use of latest technology (mixed signal ASICs, electronic calibration, thin-film gauge on stainless steel), carefully chosen suppliers, and the realization of ourISO-9001 quality systems, ADZ has managed quickly to become renowned world-wide for its products.

Core Competence: Sensor Manufacturer

Specializations: Pressure Sensors and SwitchesTemperature Converters, Flow Converters, Digital Measuring Technique, Analog and Digital Signal Processing

Business Fields: Semiconductor Industry, Automotive Industry, Electronics, Medical and Environmental Technology


Herstellung von sonstigen elektronischen Bauelementen
Einzelhandel mit Datenverarbeitungsgeräten, peripheren Geräten und Software

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