ABX advanced biochemical compounds -Biomedizinische Forschungsreagenzien GmbH


Heinrich-Gläser-Straße 10-14
01454 Radeberg


Tel: 03528 404160 Fax: 03528 404165 www.abx.de

Contact person

Dr. Peter Moll
Heinrich-Gläser-Straße 10-14
01454 Radeberg


Manufacturing and development of chemicals for nuclear medicine

Worldwide leading supplier of PET precursors and FDG reagents kits
Production and development of PET and SPECT precursors and reference standards
Manufacturing of reagents kits and cassettes, particularly kits for FDG, F-DOPA, FLT, F-Choline, NaF, F-Miso, FES and FET production
US and European Drug Master File (DMF) for Mannose Triflate (FDG precursor)
Further DMFs and technical documents for reagent kits, PET and SPECT precursors
Custom synthesis and manufacturing according to GMP for APIs
Design, custom synthesis and production of peptides (GMP quality on request)
NEW: HCl for 68Ga generators
Performance of stability studies
Hot Lab for R&D of new pharmaceutical kits and cassettes and co-operation with pharmaceutical companies
Development of radiotracers and labelling as well as purification strategies
ROVER - ABX PET evaluation software
Distributor of 18O-Water FDG grade and GMP grade
190 professionals (among them 25 with PhD)
Clean room production and filling under pharmaceutical conditions
audited and accepted as GMP API manufacturer by
- German pharmaceutical authorities
- FDA ( US Food and Drug Administration )
ISO 13485 certified


Herstellung von sonstigen anorganischen Grundstoffen und Chemikalien
Herstellung von pharmazeutischen Spezialitäten und sonstigen pharmazeutischen Erzeugnissen
Forschung und Entwicklung im Bereich Biotechnologie
Sonstige Forschung und Entwicklung im Bereich Natur-, Ingenieur-, Agrarwissenschaften und Medizin

Saxon technology areas

Biotechnologie - alle
Digitalisierung Gesundheitswirtschaft - alle
Pharmazeutik - alle
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