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Glacisstraße 2+4+6
01099 Dresden


Tel: 0351 8260 30 Fax: 0351 8260 47 www.4source.de

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Jörg Wilking
Glacisstraße 2+4+6
01099 Dresden
Tel: 0351 8260 33 Fax: 0351 8260 390


4Source electronics AG - Your independent distributor for all electronic components.We solve all your electronic problems 4Source electronics AG, with headquarters in Dresden, Germany, procures electronic components of any kind that your regular suppliers cannot supply in an emergency situation. With your call, our world-wide information network, and the skills of our experts begin working to fill your order. Our highly specialized infrastructure guarantees optimal results in the shortest possible time. 4Source is buying inventory

!OEM-ExcessOne of our special services is helping you manage your excess inventory (overordering, changes in design).

Your advantage: less capital tied up in unneeded components and more space for usable inventory. You gain through greater transparency and cost control.

Opportunity-Buy & Long-Term-Business

Unique opportunity to buy with a pledge of Long Term Business relationship. While taking advantage of different price points within the global component market, 4Source is positioned to supply quality and integrity along with substantial cost reduction.

Core Competence: Distributer

Specializations: Electronic Devices Distribution, Warehousing

Business Fields: Automotive Industry, Electronics, Computers, Semiconductor Industry


Großhandel mit elektronischen Bauteilen und Telekommunikationsgeräten

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