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3D-Micromac AG a leading supplier of customized laser micro machining systems develops and manufactures highly efficient state of the art laser micromachining workstations for industry, research, and science. These systems are used e.g. in facilities for production of photovoltaic systems, processing of semiconductors and medical applications.

Processes used with laser micromachining are micro drilling, signing, cutting, 2D and 3D structuring, and marking of various materials and thin films. These laser systems can be produced as highly precise stand-alone-systems or integrated solutions for existing, fully automated production lines.

Extremely precise positioning systems, innovative beam-delivery concepts, as well as numerous process monitoring methods offer highest possible process reliability and maximum speed of machining. The utilization of lasers possessing highest beam quality ensures top machining results regarding surface and edge quality with a minimum of damage to the material and marginal materials loss.

In parallel, 3D-Micromac is ready to develop new processes and technologies, or systems on customer’s demands as a qualified partner.

The 3D-Micromac AG is structured in 3 main sections. The first section is the "Technology" for testing and developing new technologies for laser micromachining. The second part is "Equipment" for developing, producing and integrating special purpose machines for laser micromachining. In the third section "Service" the 3D-Micromac offers sample testing and small to middle sized batch productions with different laser systems.

- Development, production and integration of special purpose machines for laser micro machining in industry and R&D environments
- Sample processing and small to middle sized batch production on own equipment
- Integration of different laser sources, e.g. Femtosekond Laser, Pikosecond Laser, Excimer, Nd:YAG or CO2
- Manufacturing equipment in captive application lab:
- Laser processing on in-house developed and produced equipment
- Own clean room (ISO class 6)
- Surface measurement with Tencor AlphaStep
R&D activities
- In the field of laser processing of different materials, e.g. machining of solar cells, polymer stents and mini catheters for medical applications
- Development of generating processes with laser, e.g. "Selective Vacuum Laser Sintering" (V-SLS)
- Concept development of machines and components for laser micromachining, e.g. Femtosecond- and Excimerlaser-Workstations

Core Competence: Equipment Manufacturer

Specializations: Laser Equipment and Technology, Micro-sintering, Micro-structuring, Micro-processing, Wafer Marking and Cleaning

Business Fields: Automotive Industry, Aerospace, Semiconductor Industry, Equipment, Electronics, Medical Technology


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