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Am Löschteich 3/6
02694 Malschwitz


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Dipl.-Ing. Bernd Rehn
Am Löschteich 3/6
02694 Malschwitz


The company, found in 1992, is modernizing ex-military jet training aircraft. Major object of operation is the Czech jet trainer L-39. During the restoration the surplus aircraft are re-equipped with the most modern avionics. Since 2000, the company has provided European and US customers with 19 aircraft. In Europe, aero-contact takes care of 28 aircraft between Trondheim and Madrid. All other customers are located between Alaska and New Zealand. The company has been certified ‚Overseas Training Organization‘ by the Australian Aviation Authority CASA. Customers are trained on location. Aviation Authorities in the USA, England and Australia ask for expert consultation during flight accident investigations. At its US home base in Nevada, aero-contact civilises supersonic MiG-21 fighter aircraft.

Furthermore, the company develops and services alternate fire fighting equipment for disaster control. In 2006, two fire extinguishing systems on jet engine basis were delivered to a special mine fire fighting company in Texas. Since 1996, aero-contact provides equipment
for James Bond movies.

The company also represents the Slovakian
aviation company UTair, based in Piestany, on the German market and coordinates aerial work with helicopters capable of outboard loads up to four tons.


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